I want to take a few minutes and discuss our stainless steel mailbox. We first introduced our stainless steel MailCase last year in November of 2009. It was a big decision for us to offer the mailbox in stainless steel. Premium grade stainless steel is an expensive metal. Also, it is more difficult to work with that normal steel. The reason is because stainless is a lot harder than normal steel. To manufacture the mailboxes, custom tooling must be made. The custom tooling for stainless is quite a bit more expensive than regular tooling. Since stainless is such a hard metal, the tooling must also be very hard.

We decided to go ahead and offer the MailCase in stainless steel, despite the expense of making the extra tooling. We are glad we did. The response to our stainless mailbox has been very positive. There is simply nothing else like it available on the market.

We made a video exclusively for our stainless steel locking mailbox. To learn more, visit MailCase Stainless Steel.