Our Commitment to Your Privacy

The Kinds of Information We Collect

At MailCase, we only collect information necessary to ship products to you and email you about your order. We keep this information 100% confidential. We do not sell, share, trade, or exchange this information with anybody else for any reason.

We do not collect any of your credit card information. In fact, we do not even see your credit card information. We use the PayPal Website Payments Pro system for all of our payment processing. When you go to the MailCase checkout page, the payment information you provide goes directly into PayPal’s totally secure payment processing system.

In fact, when PayPal processes your payment, they do not even see your credit card information. This information is encrypted using powerful 256-bit encryption. It is passed through at this super-high encryption level directly to your credit card issuer who actually finalizes the payment process.

Positive Secure Socket Layer by Comodo (SSL)

We use the trusted internet company Comodo to provide our SSL certificate. Positive SSL/Comodo was one of the first SSL providers to upgrade their encryption level to powerful 256-bit encryption. This ensures that any information you provide will be transmitted with absolute guaranteed security. Positive SSL/Comodo takes additional steps to verify that we are a strong company with an excellent reputation.

Our website uses analytics software. This helps us know how many visitors come to our site and which pages on our site are the most popular. The analtyics software is totally anonymous. It simply helps us see how popular our site is overall and which pages on our site are the most visited.

Certification as a Better Business Bureau (BBB) Accredited Business

The Better Business Bureau is the most trusted name in business accreditation, period. We are certified by the Better Business Bureau Online program. We chose the Better Business Bureau because they have local BBB offices in every major city including Salt Lake City, Utah where we are located. We have to be verified by the local Salt Lake City office of the BBB as a solid company with an excellent operating history before they will verify our website with the BBB online program. The strict BBB accreditation program provides the highest level business accreditation available. You can shop with confidence on websites that display the BBB seal.