How to Prevent Theft of Outgoing Mail

Identity theft is becoming more common all the time. The reason is because identity theft is such an easy and low risk crime to commit. The vast majority of criminals who practice ID theft do not get caught. Most police departments are staffed with competent hardworking officers and detectives. But in the current economic climate, […]

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Well, we’ve waited a long time to kick off the Articles portion of our website. We are still working on the official launch of our “Control Your Identity” initiative. With Identity theft becoming more and more common, our research department is committed to finding the ways that identity thieves steal your identity, and then helping […]


I want to take a few minutes and discuss our stainless steel mailbox. We first introduced our stainless steel MailCase last year in November of 2009. It was a big decision for us to offer the mailbox in stainless steel. Premium grade stainless steel is an expensive metal. Also, it is more difficult to work […]

Five Ways a Locking Mailbox Prevents Identity Theft

The vast majority of Identity Theft happens the old fashioned way. Somebody steals your wallet or your mail and uses that information to steal your identity. Here are 5 things that commonly come in your mail the could allow a criminal to steal your identity. 1. Credit Cards. Even with online banking the vast majority […]

Research and Articles on Identity Theft and Locking Secure Mailboxes

Mailboxes have been around for a long time. The basic design for a locking depository drop box has been around for hundreds of years. However, innovative thinkers will always find ways of improving even the oldest and most reliable of technologies. Here at MailCase our research department is constantly pushing the boundaries of materials technology, […]

Primer Powder Coat

The best way to increase the rust resistance of a steel outdoor locking mailbox is to use a zinc alloy steel. However, this is more expensive than normal cold rolled steel. Another method of increasing the rust resistance in your curbside locking mailbox is to use two coats of paint, a primer coat and a […]