The vast majority of Identity Theft happens the old fashioned way. Somebody steals your wallet or your mail and uses that information to steal your identity. Here are 5 things that commonly come in your mail the could allow a criminal to steal your identity.

1. Credit Cards. Even with online banking the vast majority of people who use credit cards get new cards or replacement cards in the mail. A criminal can intercept one of these cards and then begin using it, making unauthorized purchases in your name. Most credit cards that come in the mail require activation, however, with a little additional information creative criminals can activate your card.
2. Credit Card Offers: The average homeowner gets hundreds of these pre-screened offers every year. Creative criminals can use these to open unauthorized accounts in your name.
3. Boxes of Checks: This is the most direct way a criminal can steal your identity. A box of checks is a gold mine for ID thieves. Most retailers require ID before they take checks. However, it is possible for a criminal to make a convincing looking fake ID. Most cashiers who check ID never ask you to remove it from your wallet. Criminals can simply hold their wallet open for the cashier to view it through the holding pouch. The thing about the holding pouch is that you can’t see holographic images through it. So even if your ID has holographic protection, most cashier’s will never see it because they will never ask you to take your ID out of your wallet.
4. Mailed Bills. If you still get credit card bills by mail these are also very valuable for ID thieves. Once they have this information it is possible for them to call your credit card company and have them re-issue a new card to a new address.