Powder Coat Thickness for lockling mailboxes

When you have a steel locking mailbox that is subjected to outdoor weather extremes, it is critical that the powder coat (see previous post) is of the correct thickness.

There is no way for an average homeowner to tell the thickness of the paint on a locking mailbox. This requires a special electronic tool that can measure the thickness. The thickness is measured in millimeters. The best way for an average homeowner to make sure the powder coat is the correct thickness is to buy a locking mailbox from a trusted source.

What is a powder coat?

If you have a locking mailbox made out of metal, like steel or aluminum, then you will have to have some kind of paint, or coating on the metal to maintain corrosion. Especially if your curbside locked mailbox is made of steel, then for sure you will need it to be painted or coated.

Powder coating is the process of painting the mailbox with a special method. A very fine powder is disbursed inside of an airtight paint booth. The powder is so fine that the particles of the powder hang in the air. The powder is charged with a positive charge. Then the steel item that needs to be painted is give a negative charge and put in the chamber. The powder particles become electrically attracted to the negatively charged steel and they stick to the steel in a uniform way.

Then the steel is backed in a superhot oven and the paint sticks to the surface. It is then removed from the oven then cools and dries. This is how a locking mailbox (and other steel items for that matter) have a beautiful uniform finish.

What is galvanization and how does it help steel locking mailboxes

Galvanization is the process whereby normal steel is electroplated with a high zinc coating on the surface of the steel. This high zinc coating is rust resistant. If you have steel that could be exposed to moisture (like a locking mailbox made of steel) then one of the ways to help it resist rust is to have the steel galvanized.

However, galvanization has several problems when galvanized steel is used to make steel mailboxes. The biggest problem is that wherever the steel is cut, it forms a raw, unprotected edge. Also, if the steel is welded, the galvanization is destroyed at the weld spots. The mailbox is a lot more likely to rust in these places.

Most of the rust that I have seen on steel mailboxes has come from the fact that the metal underneath had the galvanization destroyed due to cutting or rusting.

Types of Steel for Locking Mailboxes

In my previous post I talked about the advantages and disadvantages of having steel as a material for your curbside locking mailbox. As I said before, the chief disadvantage of steel is the fact that it can rust and corrode. Especially if you live in humid environments and by bodies of salt water.

However, even in dry climates, steel can rust very easily. The best thing to keep steel from rusting is to use stainless steel. This is extremely expensive. There are other steel alloys that are less expensive but still have high rust resistance. For example, MailCase uses a zinc-steel alloy on our locking mailboxes. This not only makes the steel stronger, but adds corrosion resistance.

In my next post I'll talk a little bit about coatings and galvanization, and how that helps increase rust resistance.

Advantages of steel locking mailboxes

We've discussed aluminum locking mailboxes and plastic locking mailboxes. In this post I want to discuss locking mailboxes made out of steel.

Steel is a great material due to it's high strength. It will hold up better than aluminum and much better than plastic. The biggest problem with steel locking mailboxes is that they are prone to rust and corrosion.

I have seen many steel security mailboxes around my neighborhood that are only a few years old and they already have substantial rust. It is clear the manufacturers of these mailboxes do not understand what is necessary to keep the rust away on steel in an outdoor application like a locking mailbox

In another post I will talk about steel technologies and coating technologies that will help make steel mailboxes longer lasting and more rust resistant.

Plastic Mailbox Designs

In my last post I talked about some of the advantages and problems with an aluminum locking mailbox design.

In this post I want to talk a little bit about plastic mailbox designs. There are not very many plastic mailboxes that are locking. There are some other plastic mailbox designs out there.

The advantage is that they will never rust. The disadvantage is that sometimes when exposed to lots of sunlight, they end up fading and looking very bad. Also, in climates where the temperature gets very cold, they can be susceptible to cracking. Even worse, in very cold temperatures, it would be easy for somebody to break your mailbox with a bat or crowbar.

Also, plastic designs typically do not look as good as metal designs because the plastic must be thicker to meet he US Postal service standards.

All About Aluminum Locking Mailboxes

There are many different materials that locking mailboxes can be made out of . Today we will be discussing Aluminum locking mailboxes.

Aluminum has one great advantage, one pretty good advantage, and several disadvantages. The best thing about an aluminium locking mailbox is that aluminium will never rust. Even if if the paint wears off, the aluminum will not rust.

Another pretty good thing about aluminum is that it's light weight can lower shipping costs when ordering them online.

A big disadvantage to aluminum is that it gets beat up easily. Aluminum is lighter than steel, but it is also much less strong. I've seen many aluminium locking mailboxes that look terrible just from the daily wear and tear of normal use.

Also, due to its light nature, aluminium also scratches easily.

How a Locking Mailbox Prevents Identity Theft

There are a lot of powerful tools to help keep your identity safe. You can sign up for credit monitoring services that send you a notice anytime somebody pulls your credit or applies for credit with your name.

If you suspect you might become a victim of identity theft, you can contact the credit bureaus and have them put a 90 day freeze on your credit file. This means that a company will have to call you to verify that you are the one who applied for credit.

A locking mailbox is also a powerful tool to prevent identity thieves. No one solution can do everything for your, you need a combination of credit monitoring plus keeping your personal information safe.

In later posts, we will cover each of these topics in more detail.

Who Makes the Best Locking Mailbox?

This is a good question. At MailCase, we like to think we have the best locking mailbox on the market.

However, if you don't want to just take our word for it, then you will need to do some additional research. The most important thing you need to look for in a curbside locking mailbox is how secure it is. Does it have a strong secure lock?

The second most important thing is the quality of the mailbox itself. You do not want to see your mailbox rusting out after only a few years of use. The best way to tell if this will happen is to look around in your neighborhood for people who have already purchased a locking mailbox. Check the quality. I have seen several around my neighborhood of a very popular brand that have a lot of rust after only 3 years.

Finally, you want to see how the locking mailbox looks. It has to look good in front of your house.

How a locking mailbox can benefit you

When you receive mail in your mailbox, the vast majority of the mail is probably not super sensitive. However, some mail is. The most sensitive kind of mail includes things like credit card offers, packages of checks, prescriptions, etc.

In todays world, the credit card companies will send you dozens of unsolicited credit card offers every week. It is an easy thing for a criminal to take the mail out of an unlocked mailbox and see these unsolicited credit card offers. They can change the address on them and then use them to open a credit card in your name!

Also, people are shopping more and more on the internet. Many of these things come to your mailbox. Having a locking mailbox is essential to keeping your identity secure.

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