Advantages of steel locking mailboxes

We’ve discussed aluminum locking mailboxes and plastic locking mailboxes. In this post I want to discuss locking mailboxes made out of steel. Steel is a great material due to it’s high strength. It will hold up better than aluminum and much better than plastic. The biggest problem with steel locking mailboxes is that they are […]

Plastic Mailbox Designs

In my last post I talked about some of the advantages and problems with an aluminum locking mailbox design. In this post I want to talk a little bit about plastic mailbox designs. There are not very many plastic mailboxes that are locking. There are some other plastic mailbox designs out there. The advantage is […]

All About Aluminum Locking Mailboxes

There are many different materials that locking mailboxes can be made out of . Today we will be discussing Aluminum locking mailboxes. Aluminum has one great advantage, one pretty good advantage, and several disadvantages. The best thing about an aluminium locking mailbox is that aluminium will never rust. Even if if the paint wears off, […]

How a locking mailbox can benefit you

When you receive mail in your mailbox, the vast majority of the mail is probably not super sensitive. However, some mail is. The most sensitive kind of mail includes things like credit card offers, packages of checks, prescriptions, etc. In todays world, the credit card companies will send you dozens of unsolicited credit card offers […]

Identity Theft and Outgoing Mail

It seems like every month we hear another news story about large companies who have lost or compromised large amounts of consumer data. While it is important to keep on top of these situations and be careful who you submit your personal information to, the vast majority of identity theft occurs through old fashioned low […]

Curbside Locking Mailbox Types

There are many different locking mailbox designs on the market now. However, most are variations on the same age old designs the post office has used for decades. There are two basic types of locking mailboxes: 1. There is they kind that has a narrow slot, large enough to fit mail in and some small […]