If you read my previous post about never putting your outgoing mail in your mailbox with the flag up, and instead put take it to the post office or put it in an official U.S. Postal Service blue mailbox, you may be wondering shy the MailCase locking mailbox even has a flag at all.

Well, the short answer is that we are required to by the United States Postmaster General. As long as it is in the USPS requirements, then we will continue to include a flag on our MailCase locking mailboxes.

One thing to remember is that with the MailCase, the flag is removable. So if you decide you don’t even want the flag, you don’t have to install it when you get your MailCase.

However, sometimes it is okay to put outgoing mail in your locked mailbox. Things like letters and personal correspondence that do not contain any sensitive financial information you do not need to take the post office and you can just put it in your MailCase. Basically anything that does not carry any risk of identity theft can be put in the MailCase.

We also include a handy clip where you can place the outgoing mail should you choose to send something that way.