Secure Locking Mailboxes

The MailCase is the most advanced locking mailbox ever built. It is also the best value. You save money buying directly from the manufacturer. The fastest way to learn more about the MailCase is to watch our video (top right hand side of this page).

Black Swatch Rich Bronze Swatch Desert Sand Swatch Storm Gray Swatch
Stainless Steel Swatch
     Black Rich Bronze Desert Sand Storm Gray Stainless Steel

These color swatches most accurately show the MailCase colors. You can also visit our Photos to see how the MailCase looks in different lighting conditions.

Shipping: We use FedEx Ground for our shipments. We get a discount rate from FedEx which we pass along to you. To find the exact shipping cost to your address, proceed to checkout and input your address. You'll get a chance to see the shipping cost before you commit to buy. Click here for an estimate of the shipping cost to your part of the country.

We start by using our anti-bend latch made of tempered steel. Next we use a tubular steel lock to keep criminals from picking or drilling the lock. The MailCase is the only mailbox that uses zinc-alloy steel. Not only is zinc-alloy steel stronger than ordinary galvanized steel, it also has much better rust protection. Finally we use our state of the art outdoor powder coating technology.

We also pioneered our patented Dual Delivery System which allows for secure and easy delivery of everyday mail and the delivery of packages. Your mail carrier will love your MailCase since they will be able to securely deliver everyday mail using just one hand. When you get a package, your mail carrier can easily deposit the package using the delivery tray.

Other locking mailboxes found in big box hardware stores cannot compete. Their lock and latch systems are inadequate and they begin major rusting in as little as 1 or 2 years. Some show that they take packages, but the size of the mailbox and the delivery tray are too small. Only pocket-sized packages can fit. Mail carriers hate these mailboxes since they always require two handed operation and are difficult to use

Only the MailCase combines the best security features with the best durability, and our Dual Delivery System, all in one attractive, affordable design.